Red Lips Print Temporary Tattoo


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The product can be directly attached to the lips, easy for carrying. Waterproof, closefitting and multicolor, great for creating your own logo props. Suitable for a variety of items, such as lip gloss paper, glass, metal and so on. We are the leading manufacturer of printed stickers. The perfect accessory for cosplay party. Perfect for anime tv series, comic con, fantasy party, etc. Cartoon pattern on your reference, bright color, good choice for makeup artists. You can choose the color that suits your preference, and we have the logo in our store. Waterproof, washable and car wash safe. Waterproof, durable and long lasting, can keep your project binder in place all day. You can use tattoos to join the party, you can take pictures, make yourself very free and personalized. Waterproof, easy to color your tattoo

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