Red Lips Decorative Flex Silicone LED Neon Sign


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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Acrylic, Flex Neon Led lights

4everlight silicone LED neon signs are beautiful. These are great gifts for everyone, for every occasion & for everywhere! When compare to the traditional gas-filled tube neon signs, 4everlight signs are more affordable (50-70% cheaper!), consume less electricity (3-5 watt only! Save money in the long run! ), more environmental friendly & safer to use & touch (no noxious gas, no mercury, very little heat), less maintenance required (no need to refill gas, can last for 50,000 hrs./ 5-10 yrs.). What are you waiting for! Take it to your home now!

4everlight SILICONE LED Neon Sign is a COLORFUL decor in the day time, GROWs in the dark, and it’s Ultra-Bright nature makes it EYE-CATCHING even from a distance

Instantly create a COZY and DREAMY AMBIENCE to your HOME/BUSINESS from bedroom/ playroom/ game room/ garden/ patio/ living room/ kitchen, to nursery/ playgroup/ classroom/ cafe/ restaurant/ office/ shop front

Perfect GIFT for your little princess girl/ boy/ girlfriend/ wife. For all occasions from anniversary, birthday, housewarming, to festivals gifts on Valentine’s day, Christmas, and many more

Special HIGHLIGHT for Event/ Celebration – baby shower/ wedding/ party/ banquet, or stage decorations

ENVIRONMENTAL-FRIENDLY and SAFE to use. Soft, Hazard-Free Silicone LED strip, mounted on acrylic (ref quality of 4everlight’s high end neon products). Comes with holes and screws for easy installation. Low Voltage USB Input, works with any USB port of PC, Power Bank, Battery Box, or 5V 1A/2A USB adaptor. NO Noise and NO Heat emission

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