Red Lips Print Glass Ashtray


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If you are fond of fantasy gifts for your friends or family, then here is the real deal for you. Here is designed this beautiful glass ashtray, designed in appealing style for multi-purpose use. It has a circular design with red lips print attractive colors that appeal like classic glass. This red lips print circular designed ashtray can be given as a birthday present, a decoration item, or built-in cigarette rests.

This is both an ashtray and a trinket dish, in whatever way you like it for yourself or your friends and family. This red lips print attractive ashtray piece is worth your money and effort to find a sleek design for the home and office décor. This is the coolest ashtray you’ll find in the market and yet the unique one. This is an absolute must-have red lips print circular ashtray that everyone would love to have on their tables.

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